anastro-labDrug Class: Aromatase Inhibitor; Antiestrogen
Main Active Substance: Anastrozole
Concentration: 1 mg/tab
Presentation: 50 Tablets in Sachet
Elimination Half-Life: 2 Days
Recommended Dosage: 1 mg/eod
Anabolic Ratio: This is not a Steroid
Androgenic Ratio: This is not a Steroid
Acne: No
Hepatotoxicity: No
Aromatization: No
Manufacturer: 7Lab Pharm, Switzerland, Europe


Anastro-lab by 7Lab Pharm is an antiestrogen in tablet form. Anastrozole first entered on consumer market in 1995. It is an aromatase inhibitor. In medicine, it is used to treat a breast tumor with a large number of estrogen receptors. In sports, Anastro-lab is used to ensure that the athlete avoids gynecomastia, delayed excess water and other possible side effects that may occur while taking steroid drugs.

Anastro-lab is a very effective drug for inhibiting the aromatase enzyme. Thus, anastrozole lowers the level of estradiol in the blood by 80%. It cannot be converted into estrogen. Thus, it limits all potential risks of estrogen-related side effects. Anastrazole has a strong inhibitory effect, significantly reduces estrogen levels, begins to act in a very short time, a high concentration of the active substance is observed in the body within a few hours after administration.

Use this drug during severe and prolonged cycles of steroids to block estrogen effects in the event that aromatizing steroids are used on cycle.


Anastro-lab is available in tablet form and can only be taken orally. The recommended dosage is 0.25-1 mg per day. The duration of administration should not exceed 2 weeks. It is recommended to take this drug on an empty stomach, and drinking plenty of water.