Injectable Steroids Made by 7Lab Pharm

All anabolic steroids are traditionally divided into two groups – one of them are 7Lab Pharm’s injectable steroids. They are oil solutions and aqueous suspensions, which are presented in the form of 10 mL vials. The content of the active substance can range from 50 mg to 500 mg per milliliter. They are always administered intramuscularly using 2 or 5 mL syringes. Injections can be done both in the outer upper quarter of the buttock, and in other places like the hips, deltoid and (sometimes) biceps and triceps. It is worth noting that when injected into the buttocks or hips, almost the entire drug enters the general bloodstream, and in case of local injections, some part of the injection is spent on the local growth of the affected muscle group.

Buy 7Lab Pharma injectable anabolic steroids only from the original suppliers.


Injectable anabolic steroids are used for the following purposes:

  • fast gain in total body weight;
  • slow build of lean muscle mass;
  • growth of power indicators and power endurance;
  • muscle drying and shaping;
  • fat burning anti-catabolics;
  • increase the overall functionality of the body and accelerated recovery.

The advantages of buying injectable steroids over oral are obvious:

  • higher bioavailability of the substance after ingestion (most of taken into the bloodstream, but not destroyed during absorption and processing by the body);
  • minimal load and toxic effects on the gastrointestinal tract and liver (exception only for the aqueous suspension of Stanozolol);
  • more rare use during the cycle (even the shortest drugs are usually used at most once a day, and some once a week).

But, there are also disadvantages:

  • the injection procedure itself for many users of anabolic steroids in some cases is a problem that requires additional effort and action to solve;
  • if safety precautions are not observed (lack of sterile conditions, improper injection procedure, ignorance of the need to heat oil solutions before administration, heating aqueous suspensions and inejcting anabolics in oil and water in the same place), it is fraught with the development of complications such as seals, tumors, hematomas and abscesses.


You can choose specific esters of drugs, dosages, combinations and cycle models after deciding on the ultimate goals and in consultation with specialists. They are always ready to help you achieve your goal.

It should be remembered that all 7Lab Pharm’s injectable steroids have a standard set of side effects inherent in steroids (some to a greater extent, and some to a lesser extent). Therefore, regardless of the form in which you use steroids – they all carry a certain health risk. And yes, they also affect liver, so you need to monitor it by passing the necessary tests.