Trenolab-E 200

trenolab-e 200Drug Class: Androgen; Anabolic Steroid; Androgen Ester; Progestogen
Main Active Substance: Trenbolone Enanthate
Concentration: 200 mg/mL
Presentation: 10 mL Vial
Elimination Half-Life: 5 Days
Recommended Dosage: 200 mg/week
Anabolic Ratio: 500% of Testosterone
Androgenic Ratio: 500% of Testosterone
Acne: Rarely
Hepatotoxicity: No
Aromatization: No
Manufacturer: 7Lab Pharm, Switzerland, Europe


This is the last of the separately created long-acting esters of such an anabolic steroid as Trenbolone. If before, Trenbolone acetate was created EXCLUSIVELY for animals, then Trenbolone enanthate for traditional (human) therapy. Enanthate is still the final attempt to quickly make a long-acting form of injectable oil ester specifically for athletes and bodybuilders.

The most powerful in terms of androgenic and anabolic effects have always been and will be variants of this steroid Trenbolone. Trenolab-E 200 perfectly interact with “native” receptors in skeletal muscle, exerting the maximum possible effect on the growth of lean muscle mass. This drug activates the central nervous system, increases blood volume, increases synthesis, the amount of accumulation and the rate of restoration of creatine phosphate and glycogen in the body. This is a steroid that relieves pain in the musculoskeletal system and allows you to psychologically adjust to the most difficult workouts. This drug does not turn into estradiol and dihydrotestosterone. But in itself, it can have progestogenic activity.

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Always carry out the PCT procedure after even short cycles involving Trenolab-E 200. This drug is a powerful progestogen and can not be taken solo because it has an extremely negative effect on erection and libido. At a minimum, MANDATORY combine any Trenbolone preparations with Testosterone.
Under no circumstances is it admissible for admission by women and athletes under 23 years old. Not recommended for use in the first cycle of steroids.

Before / during / after Trenolab-E 200, be sure to do blood tests for an indicator of such hormones as: Progesterone and (especially) Prolactin. Always have Cabergoline (Prolactin Inhibitor) on hand.


  • gain in lean muscle mass;
  • rapid growth of power;
  • quick recovery;
  • muscle protection on drying;
  • acceleration of general metabolism;
  • increasing muscle density, hardness and stiffness;
  • increased blood pumping and vascularity;
  • self-confidence and desire to break records.


This is an absolutely universal steroid. It can equally effectively act both for a building muscle mass, and for getting rid of subcutaneous fat. It combines perfectly with any drugs from the AAS group. On bulking, the best syacks will be: Testolab-E 250, Testolab-C 250, Sustalab-250, Dianobol-lab 20, Oxy-lab, Boldelab-200 and Turano-lab 20. For cutting and muscle building, it is most ideal to add Testolab-P 100, Stanolab-50, Mastolab-100, Proviron-lab, Oxano-lab 20, Cleno-lab 40 and Halo-lab.

The most ideal cycle duration is 10 to 12 weeks. Less is not effective, longer is fraught with serious health problems. As for the weekly dosage, it is 200 – 400 mg. You can put injections once a week, but more effective every 4 – 5 days.


  • complete inhibition of your body’s own testosterone, decreased sperm count and testicular atrophy (reversible);
  • acne;
  • gynecomastia, lack of libido, erectile dysfunction;
  • blood clotting and pressure rise;
  • baldness of the head, hair growth in unexpected places, oily and rough skin, sweating and hypertrophy of the prostate;
  • muscle cramps, krepatura, muscle stiffness;
  • rise in body temperature;
  • decreased overall stamina and shortness of breath;
  • insomnia and migraine;
  • pronounced aggression.