halo-labDrug Class: Androgen; Anabolic Steroid
Main Active Substance: Fluoxymesterone
Concentration: 10 mg/tab
Presentation: 50 Tablets in Sachet
Elimination Half-Life: 9 hours
Recommended Dosage: 10 – 40 mg/day
Anabolic Ratio: 1900% of Testosterone
Androgenic Ratio: 850% of Testosterone
Acne: Yes
Hepatotoxicity: High
Aromatization: No
Manufacturer: 7Lab Pharm, Switzerland, Europe


Halo-lab is based on the active substance Fluoxymesterone. It is a derivative of testosterone. Due to changes made to its molecular structure, this substance has gained powerful anabolic and androgenic properties. Here Halo-lab surpasses even Trenolab. However, the anabolic and androgenic activity of steroids is usually compared with testosterone. As a result, Halo-lab is stronger than testosterone by 1900% and 850%, respectively.

Although this drug is unique, it is quite widespread in professional sports. Bodybuilding lovers rarely use it. Among its positive effects include:

  • Extreme increase in power characteristics in a short time.
  • Increases aggressiveness and stamina.
  • Increased muscle density.
  • The shape of the body improves.
  • It is a powerful fat burner.


This drug is used by athletes during the final stage of preparation for tournaments. As a result, athletes can significantly improve the shape of their body, as well as increase physical parameters. Using it during the off-season is impractical. The daily dosage of this anabolic is 5-40 mg. We strongly discourage the use of Halo-lab by 7Lab Pharma in higher doses, as the risks of developing side effects will increase many times over.

The duration of cycle should be limited to one month. However, many professional athletes use this steroid for no more than two weeks. In this situation, the risks of developing side effects are minimal. You can conduct combined cycles. Since this anabolic is used at the final stage of preparation for tournaments, it is recommended to use steroids with high fat-burning properties as stacks.

An example of such a cycle would be Halo-lab (20 mg/day) + Testolab-P 100 (100 mg/eod). It can be used with any esters of testosterone.

Combinations with Decalab-250, Nandrolab-P 100 and Trenolab-A 100, Trenolab-E 200, Trenolab-H 100 should not be used, since they all have progestogenic properties. As a result, the risks of developing estrogenic side effects are extremely high. In amateur bodybuilding, Fluoxymesterone is quite rarely used. The point here is not so much in the high risks of manifesting negative effects, but in the characteristics of this drug. If the acting athletes need to prepare themselves for the tournament in a short time, then this is not a problem for amateurs.


It is obvious that such a powerful drug has a number of negative effects. Due to the presence of a large androgenic activity in this steroid, the risks of developing the corresponding side effects are very high. In addition, 7Lab Pharma’s Halo-lab has progestogenic properties, which can cause the development of negative effects resembling estrogenic.

It is also worth noting that Fluoxymesterone can disrupt liver. This is the only anabolic steroid whose rumors of high hepatotoxicity are not exaggerated. However, with proper use, all these sides can be avoided. If you’re planning to buy Halo-lab, you should know that it cannot be used by women.