Oral Steroids Made by 7Lab Pharm

Of the two different forms of administration of anabolic drugs, here we will consider specifically oral anabolic steroids made by 7Lab Pharm. They are presented in the form of sachets containing from 50 to 100 tablets with a specific active substance. Usually in one tablet is present from 10 to 50 mg of the substance. They are all taken orally (swallowed). It is most effective to consume the entire daily dose in a single tablet regimen throughout the day with meals. But, in any case, the entire daily dosage must be divided into at least two doses – morning and evening.


Bodybuilders use hormones in tablets with the following goals:

  • bulking cycles;
  • muscle drying;
  • muscle tissue protection during fat burning;
  • strength, stamina and quick recovery.

The advantages of oral anabolic steroids over injectable ones are as follows:

  • a much simpler form of use in practice;
  • courses are more affordable than injections;
  • tablets are more suitable as part of short cycles which lasts for long weeks as most beginners like.

But as for the shortcomings:

  • much lower bioavailability compared to injectable steroids. Get ready for the fact that 40-60% of the daily dosage of oral drugs will be actively destroyed and excreted by the body without reaching destination;
  • rather high direct toxicity to liver and a negative effect on the digestive tract. To avoid liver problems, you should limit the cycle of oral anabolics to 4-8 weeks, take long breaks, never use more than one oral drug in one course, regularly take tests for liver parameters and at least once per year to carry out prophylaxis of the liver with Heptral.
  • in order not to deal with heartburn, loss of appetite, nausea, diarrhea, abdominal pain, indigestion and assimilation of food – always take pills with food, and if you do it separately, then drink plenty of water;
  • These anabolic steroids are completely unsuitable for continuous use over long months. And many bodybuilders choose long and even eternal courses.


If your goal is to achieve a maximum result for those sports goals that you have set for yourself, then contact our specialists and they will explain to you why for the best result you should combine orals and injectables together, which combinations are most effective, what to expect in terms of possible negative manifestations and why it is always necessary to conduct PCT after the cycle.