Turano-lab 20

turano-lab 20Drug Class: Androgen; Anabolic Steroid
Main Active Substance: 4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone
Concentration: 20 mg/tab
Presentation: 100 Tablets in Sachet
Elimination Half-Life: 16 Hours
Recommended Dosage: 20 – 50 mg/day
Anabolic Ratio: 180% of Testosterone
Androgenic Ratio: 50% of Testosterone
Acne: Yes
Hepatotoxicity: Yes
Aromatization: No
Manufacturer: 7Lab Pharm, Switzerland, Europe


Turano-lab 20 is a derivative of Testosterone (in fact, the closest chemical formula is Dianobol-lab 20) with a half-life of 7-15 hours. Having an individual chemical compound in its molecular structure, it is not susceptible to conversion to Estradiol and Dihydrotestosterone, in itself exhibits a low androgenic effect and causes minimal water retention. Not bad compared to traditional oral anabolics (Dianobol-lab, Oxy-lab) creates a complex molecule – androgen receptor, starts and supports stable protein synthesis in skeletal muscle. It has a powerful anti-catabolic effect. Increases the synthesis of creatine phosphate in the body and increases blood volume. Accelerates the accumulation of glycogen. Raises libido in both sexes.

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Being an oral steroid, Turano-lab tablets traditionally have pronounced toxicity to the liver. Before / on / after the cycle, regularly take blood tests and monitor the condition of this organ.

Solo course, both for gaining muscle mass and for getting rid of fat, is perfect for absolute beginners, including young athletes and women. Dosages in both cases, 1 to 3 tablets per day, divided into morning and evening doses. Course duration within 5 weeks.

Please note that as a hormonal drug, Turano-lab 20 in working doses strongly inhibits the genital arch and, at the end of the course, requires the use of Clomi-lab for PCT procedure.


  • lean muscle gain;
  • lifting strength and strength endurance;
  • improving explosive speed and strength;
  • quick recovery;
  • quality improvement and protection of muscles on drying;
  • increased pumping and vascularity;
  • good libido and mood.


Turano-lab 20 is equally effective both in cycles for the growth of dry muscle mass, and for the period of drying. Cycle duration for an advanced athlete is approximately 8 weeks. Adequate daily dose of 30-60 mg. For bulking, stack it with such drugs as: Testolab-C 250, Decalab-250, Trenolab-E 200, Boldelab-200. On cutting, the best stacks will be Trenolab-A 100, Mastolab-100, Primalab-100 and Testolab-P 100.


  • liver toxicity;
  • oppression of your own testosterone and your genital arch;
  • heartburn, nausea, loss of appetite, constipation, diarrhea, bloating;
  • blood clotting and pressure rise;
  • acne (rare).