primo-labDrug Class: Androgen; Anabolic Steroid; Androgen Ester
Main Active Substance: Methenolone Acetate
Concentration: 25 mg/tab
Presentation: 50 Tablets in Sachet
Elimination Half-Life: 2-3 Days
Recommended Dosage: 100 – 150 mg/day
Anabolic Ratio: 88% of Testosterone
Androgenic Ratio: 44% of Testosterone
Acne: Yes
Hepatotoxicity: Low
Aromatization: No
Manufacturer: 7Lab Pharm, Switzerland, Europe


Primo-lab is a steroid for oral use, which is very popular among representatives of heavy sports, including bodybuilders. In its structure, it is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, characterized by a moderate anabolic effect and a low androgen index (44% of testosterone). By strength of positive effects, it has many similarities with Mastolab.

The main feature of Primo-lab is the absence of toxic effects on the athlete’s body. This quality distinguishes it from competitors. On the other hand, unlike a number of other drugs, this anabolic steroid has a relatively short period of action – about five hours.

7Lab Pharm’s Primo-lab is not the most powerful steroid. Its activity, as an anabolic, is only 88% of testosterone. As a result, the use of only this drug (solo course) for gaining muscle mass is impractical. It is more rationally and correctly to use it during “drying” period, when it is necessary to improve the shape of muscles and add hardness to muscle fibers. In some cases, it can still be used as a powerful stimulator for muscle growth, but only if combined with other anabolic steroids.


When taking a solo cycle with Primo-lab tablets, you can count on the following effects:

  • increase in muscle strength;
  • a significant improvement in muscle quality. It helps you to achieve the desired shape, hardness and vascularity;
  • increase in muscle mass (this effect, although insignificant, but is very noticeable for an athlete).

The normal dosage of Primo-lab is 50-100 mg per day. In this case, at first it is better to take the minimum dose (50 mg per day), after which you can increase the dosage to 100 mg per day.

The duration of cycle is no more than 8 full weeks. It is pointless to take this steroid longer, because of this, its effectiveness will not be higher. In addition, eight weeks is enough for Primo-lab to show his best side and provide a positive effect.

Additional administration of auxiliary drugs at the end of the cycle is not required. Gonadotropin usage and other similar drugs is relevant in only one case – in case of not abiding the recommendations.

To buy Primo-lab is the best option when you need to improve muscle quality. If the goal is to gain muscle mass, then due to the low anabolic effect, it is recommended to combine this steroid with other pharmacological drugs.

Of the most effective, the following combinations can be distinguished:

  • to improve muscle shape and muscle growth – Testolab-E 250 + Primo-lab;
  • to preserve the gained mass (safe cycle) – Decalab-250 + Primo-lab;
  • for an effective growth of muscle mass – Sustalab-250 + Primo-lab;
  • for cutting – Stanolab-50 + Primo-lab;
  • for improving the quality of muscles and increasing muscle mass – Dianobol-lab 20 + Primo-lab.


It is worth noting an important fact. During the administration of Primo-lab by 7Lab Pharma, there is no aromatization effect, which, in turn, causes a number of side effects – swelling, gynecomastia and water retention.

In addition, this anabolic steroid does not increase the concentration of such harmful cholesterol. In other words, even a prolonged use does not cause an increase in blood pressure and a malfunction in the cardiovascular system.

It is also known that it only slightly suppresses the level of secretion of natural testosterone in the testes. Unlike a number of other drugs of similar effect in the form of injections or tablets, Primo-lab has almost no effect on “hypothalamus – pituitary – testes”.