Mike Diesed

mike diesed

Well I ran this cycle like 3 1/2 months I think. I used his test cyp at a gram a week and it was perfect. Painless and delivered size and strength and I kick started with his dianobol-lab 10 at 50 milligrams a day for about a month and blew up with water and rapid strength and huge pumps. Love the mindset I get from it too. After a month off the dianobol-lab I added oxano-lab at 60 miligrams a day for 6 weeks right into pct during my tapering off test cyp. The dianobol-lab which was my favorite made me extremely lean and tight right a way and makes me veiny as all hell it added a finishing touch kind of look I loved it. The whole cycle was perfect actually I had no bad sides at all and kept estrogen in check well. I enjoyed this labs gear I placed an order for more cyp but to cruise on. Good gear good source A+