Our Mission

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7Lab Pharm is today a wholly Swiss company, and has emerged as a leading player in the Swiss domestic market. In the international arena, 7Lab Pharma is also rapidly emerging as a fast growing healthcare solution provider.

Today, 7Lab Pharm is dedicated to improving and enhancing the lives of people, wherever they may be. The aim is to continuously develop and manufacture formulations to complement our current product range of leading brands in the Antibiotic, Anti-infective, Pain & Inflammation, Topical Antibiotics, Antiacne, Paediatrics, Dermatology and Diabetic segments.

7Lab Pharma reaches out to over 100,000 medical practitioners and 35,000 retail chemists in India. 7Lab Pharm formulations can also be found in many countries around Asia and Africa.

Corporate Philosophy

We believe in we can make a difference by extending and improving the quality of life.

We believe in sharing concerted and symbiotic relationships with our preferred business partners, all of whom strongly believe and reflect our business ethics, trust, transparency and high quality standards.


Our mission is to give access to the best healthcare products at affordable prices to everyone, anywhere in the world.