Tim Coleman

tim coleman

I checked the codes on the 7Lab Pharm site which all checked out so that was a good start the cycle I was doing was 12 weeks 40mg dbol, 500mg sustalab & 500mg test now the oils were very smooth and had no pip from the test but I did have a little bit of a pip from the sustalab the 1st week but was probs a bad injection, but any way my weight was up by sex drive was up I was constantly horny even in the gym (especially when there was a babe squatting)

But getting back to my review my appetite was shocking as I was getting all my meals in and my weight was up by 18lbs at the end of the cycle I ballooned up and had a lot of bloat on me hence the weight, dianobol-lab was a good to start as it was brilliant kick in at 40mg per day overall I was very satisfied with this cycle but would probably drop sustalab as I didn’t like the bloat effect I have still maintained my lifts if not increased on certain workouts. I’m now planning a cutting cycle and slowly stocking up as can’t buy everything in 1 go.

Happy and they have a customer for life